jeudi 21 mai 2009

Let sleeping dogs lie?

More murder...! Sorry, but....

It has recently been reported that a Mr Anthony Sherna has been charged with murder after allegedly strangling his de-facto partner, Ms Susanne Wild, because the later had stormed in and shouted at him, waking his pet dog Hubble, which, in accordance with his regular nightly practice, he had been nursing to sleep.

Here is some of what his defence counsel had to say about it:
But Defence lawyer Jane Dixon SC said Sherna's reaction to Ms Wild "storming in and shouting at him" was sudden and unplanned.

She said it had followed "years of harassment, intimidation and abuse".

"Nothing he did was ever right," Ms Dixon told the court.

She said the couple had no friends, never socialised and never went on holidays or to restaurants.

I don’t know why people in abusive relationships don’t just leave. It would be a lot simpler.

I mainly included this one lest anyone think I had some kind of bias against female murderers or women who use bullshit to justify their actions. We all need to take responsibility for what we do, regardless of what we have between our legs.

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